Home energy audit – insulating outlets

While our almost 60-year-old house didn’t exactly fail it’s energy audit, we came out of the experience with a long list of things (most fairly small) that we need to update or fix around our house.

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Prepping for an in-home energy audit

Usually, before you head to the doctor, you try to eat a little more healthfully and drink plenty of water, right? I do. But what do you if your house is prepping for the “exam?”

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A cool use for coffee grounds

I love finding fun, neat ways to reuse waste. We usually compost our coffee grounds, but I read a tip over the weekend that I could use old coffee grounds to fade cellulite!

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Upcycling clothes

I’ve read a lot about upcycling, and while I like the sound of most of it, the thought of upcycling some of my old clothes had me worried. I could just imagine the ways the idea could go wrong. Then I found a cool post on dornob. It’s amazing how she completely transformed the big, baggy shirts into incredibly cute dresses. As a very pregnant woman, I can’t really do any of that right now. But I love her creativity!

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Temporary TVs?

Over the holidays, I read an article that was about the ten things a TV salesperson won’t tell you about flat screens. One of the items was that the flat screens of today aren’t meant to last more than 5 years! I know we’re considered a throw away society, but it seems crazy to me that a TV won’t last longer than 5 years.

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Creative gift wrap

Yesterday, I saw a great, creative post at a designing blog I like to read. The writer talks about creative ways to wrap gifts with items found around the house. Her presents looked so pretty!

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Vote in Photo Contest!

Today is the last day to cast your vote in the Nature Conservancy’s 6th Annual Digital Photography Contest!
There are 14 finalists, whittled down from the more than 25,000 entries. The winners will be announced in January.

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Great cold weather mask idea!

While it’s not super cold where we live, I know lots of other places are.
It’s hard to put forth a rosy glow when you’re freezing, especially in dry climates. But I found this super easy home-made facial mask that’s guaranteed to put some pink back in your cheeks.

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Is Cyber Monday greener than Black Friday?

Today is Cyber Monday, and after a blockbuster Black Friday, I’m sure it will be a good one. I was wondering the other day if Cyber Monday was a greener way to buy presents than Black Friday.

November 28, 2011 · Leave a comment

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