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Today, there are many causes and issues to tackle in the may not even know where to begin! One of the biggest issues is the environment and the threat of global warming. There are people who are 100% committed, and there are people who frankly couldn’t give a darn! There are people who are out hugging trees and there are people who are throwing their empty Evian bottles in the back seat of their Hummer.


We,, say it’s ok to be wherever you are now in your “greenness,” and you can still make a difference! We all have to start someplace! We all have room for improvement! You do not have to go from being a polluter to carbon neutral all at once! AND- we do know that each and every person, of whichever race, creed, religion and political affiliation, WANTS to make a difference in this world. We are here to support that. was created by a “30 something” who saw many friends and acquaintances who weren’t environmentally conscious at all. At the same time, there were “eco-evangelists” ranting and raving across all media, which if anything, seemed to turn people off. It is very easy for someone to have the “what difference does one person make?” kind of attitude, which leads to no action at all. People should not feel overwhelmed or guilty if what we want is to encourage lasting change. People need to know they are welcomed and are not chastised for not having been “green.” They should be supported, encouraged and educated to take even small steps to make simple changes that will not change the quality of their lives, but will collectively make a big difference in the environment! is committed to providing information and education to have people be called to collective action and lessen the negative impact on the environment.

Join us on our journey – to “save the world” and then some, one person at a time, one little change at a time!

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