Boxing in the attic entrance

Several months ago we had an energy audit. One of our biggest problems was our attic entrance. It was in our hallway, almost directly over our vent. The vent was drawing air almost directly from the attic. The guy recommended a very quick fix — building a box over the entrance.

My husband constructed the box out of R4 foam board. It was a quick and easy fix. He measured the opening, and built a very simple box.  Once he was finished, he weatherproofed all of the corners with foam.

We also had to get more insulation blown in — we stayed away from the fiberglass stuff. The insulation man recommended that we move our attic entrance to our carport. My husband just finished that project. Once we moved the entrance, we completely covered the old attic entrance. This should help us lower our heating and cooling bills. Moving the entrance was harder, and cost more. But we can now put stuff in our attic. My husband didn’t want us hurting our ceiling by overloading it.



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