Combining trips

We live in what I guess you could call the suburbs. It’s really a small to mid-size town, and it is not really equipped for walkers, bikers or public transportation. They are making efforts to put in a bike lane downtown, but if you live where we live, then you would have to drive to the downtown area before you could get on your bike.

This means that when we need one or two items from the grocery store, I can’t just load up the stroller and head out. We used to live in the suburbs of D.C., and we were able to walk to lots of places. I was in lots better shape up there.

Since I can’t really walk or bike anywhere, that means I have to drive. So I do my best to combine trips, and this can be very frustrating with three little ones. I also try not to make trips for just one item. We just have to wait if we run out of bananas or cottage cheese.

Yesterday we went to 4 places — three for groceries and other items. That meant parking and lugging all three boys out 4 times. It wasn’t the easiest trip for me, but I usually feel like I’m conserving gas. I hit redlights in between each stop, and I started to wonder if combining trips does conserve gas. We went to three shops, because each had different deals.  The stores in question were all very close, but all in a very busy intersection. Walking would be dangerous for one adult, let alone one with 3 littles.

I think the combining trips is great if you’re going decent distances, but I think it would be a better use of gas if I just went to one of those stores, and skipped the other two.

Do you do this? Visit several stores in close proximity in order to snag the best deals? Have a better suggestion?

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