Green ways to alleviate allergies

It’s allergy season. At least it is in our neck of the woods. My allergies are pretty much year round, but they get worse at the start of Spring and Fall. While I do get shots and take Benadryl, there are other things I do to cut down on my allergic reactions.

1. Take a shower at night. This way, you can wash off the pollen, dander and dust that you picked up during the day. And you won’t get it on your sheets.

2. Wash your eyelashes when in the shower. I had an eye doctor recommend this to me once, and it really makes a difference. Your eyelashes can hold on to some allergens, I guess.

3. Use a saline nasal rinse. You can use a neti pot, or one of those squirt bottles. I am not a big fan of this, but it does help.

4. If possible, keep your windows closed in both the car and your house. That way, you’re keeping the pollen out of your house.

5. Take your shoes off when you enter your house, and vacuum more than usual to pick up the allergens.

6. Make sure you have a new, or clean air filter in your house.

7. Set your car’s air conditioner to recirculate.

Do you have any green tips to alleviate allergies around this time of year?


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