Prepping for duct work – surprisingly easy

We had a home energy audit done a couple of weeks ago, and have been tackling the projects in the list provided. Luckily for us, we are able to do most of the repairs to our almost 60-year-old home by ourselves.

Our ducts were apparently a mess. We didn’t know anything about ducts, but I’m sure with the various updates over the years, our ductwork took a beating.

But before we can call someone to work on the ducts, my husband had to bring some of the electrical work up to code, and he also rerouted our bathroom vents, which were venting moist air straight into our insulation.

My husband is not an electrician, but he knows his way around wires. He was worried about the fixes, but said they were a lot easier than he thought they would be. He made sure that all the junctions were in boxes, and put covers on all the boxes.

He also said that fixing the vents was easy. He just extended them by attaching a piece of dryer vent to the van so it would vent above the insulation.

Here’s hoping our other fixes will be this easy.



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