A greener way to dry clean?

A while back I did a piece on green dry cleaning, trying to find as green an option as possible.

I received an email after the piece went up about Solvair. This cleaning process uses a biodegradable cleaning fluid and recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) to rinse and dry your clothes.

The cleaning fluid contains dipropylene glycol n-butyl ether (DPnB), which is environmentally friendly and found in many green cleaning products. This fluid is purified and re-used several times by the system, which means it creates half as much waste as traditional dry cleaning systems. And the CO2 is reclaimed from other sources.

Since the process doesn’t involve heat, it’s gentler on your clothes.

Not only does is it more gentle on your clothes, the system also cuts down on the hazardous waste and waste water created by traditional dry cleaners.

Sounds like a win/win solution, doesn’t it? In 2010, the Sierra Club recommended that if you must dry clean, find a cleaner that uses Solvair technology.

This process is offered at several dry cleaners nationwide. The price varies by cleaners.


One comment on “A greener way to dry clean?

  1. Tim Kovach
    August 10, 2010

    It is good the see the recent increase in the number of green dry cleaners that are popping up around the country. Here in Northeast Ohio, we have a unique model – the Evergreen Cooperative, which has created the Evergreen Cooperative Laundry (ECL). Evergreen is an organization that has established for-profit, employee-owned businesses throughout the area that have sustainability as their central component. ECL uses natural dry cleaning products, but it also provides employees with a living wage, ensures that money stays in the community, and works to promote economic development in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland. Their website is at

    Hopefully this model will continue to flourish and expand into other sectors and other regions.

    Tim Kovach
    Product Coordinator, Energy at COSE

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