Green thumbs!

We finally got around to planting a raised garden  a couple of weeks ago. We were worried that our late start (most of our seed packets said to start planting in March) would hamper us.

But we’ve already had some success!

This is our first raised bed. As you can see, I kind of over-planted it, so we’ve since made another raised bed. This one will hold our tomato plants once they (hopefully) sprout, and some of the extra plants that have sprouted up in this bed.

My husband built the bed. We put organic composted manure in the bottom of the bed, and then filled it in with some of the rich dirt hiding under all of the dead leaves in our yard. We have a composter, but it’s not been long enough for any of that to be ready.

We’ve watered some, and it’s rained a good bit recently.

Here are our green bean plants. They were the first to start shooting up. I was so proud of them, until my husband told me that most elementary schools plant green beans because they grow so fast. Oh well.

I’m calling these little buds our leafy greens. I planted spinach, lettuce and cabbage all in that vicinity. My grandmother said it was too late for cabbage, so I’m guessing either spinach or lettuce.

These are herbs. I planted lots and lots of herbs in a very tight space. I have no idea which ones these are. They could be thyme, dill or basil. I tried the sniff test, and didn’t smell anything.

I didn’t include close-ups of the three holes that have already been dug by neighborhood animals. I tried to plant some acorn squash and pumpkins. I know they dug up the pumpkin seeds, but maybe the squash will survive. They also attacked some of the leafy greens. (I really overplanted this little bed.)

We bought some marigold seeds to plant as a natural and non-chemical deterrent to 4-legged invaders, and I didn’t leave enough room for them. I may try planting them around the beds.

Our hopes for these beds is to save a little money on organic, fresh produce, and encourage our veggie-void 3-year-old to eat more vegetables. He’s very interested in the green beans, so I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Have any of you started your gardens? Have thoughts on my mystery plants, or advice? I’d love to hear from you.


One comment on “Green thumbs!

  1. Jessica
    April 30, 2010

    Here in MD, we have started our garden too! Our strawberries are growing like crazy and the cold weather veggies — broccoli and brussel sprouts — and we have peppers in the ground (plants) and beans and peas planted from seed! Oh and we have started our tomatoes from seed this year using our AreoGarden… that thing is amazing! Yea for summer veggies!

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