Going green on a green holiday

Are you wearing green? I have to admit that I forgot to intentionally wear green this morning. Luckily, I had a small green paint stain on the bottom of my shoe. It worked.

My sons are both wearing green shirts. We didn’t go out and buy them anything with “Saint Patrick’s Day” on it, although there was a huge selection at our grocery stores.

It seems like stores have huge selections of gear for every holiday now. Instead of just wearing green, I could have bought my sons socks, four-leaf clover antenna headbands, leprechaun hats, etc. I can even hang four-leaf clovers all over our house.

We probably notice consumerism more now since our 3-year-old is a very eager consumer. He wants everything that he sees, especially if it’s shiny and flashing. He’s not quite sure what Saint Patrick’s Day is, but will gladly ask for me to buy him stuff so he can properly celebrate the holiday.

The stores are of no help in such situations. They obviously want me to buy all the holiday gear they are shilling, even though it will be used on one day and then forgotten and stuck in a closet.

It’s frustrating. I’m sure most of the Saint Patrick’s Day decor and accessories are just green, not eco-friendly. And once bought, and possibly used, they will be pitched into the trash.

I have no solution other than not to buy these products. Most of us have green items of clothing. Why can’t we just wear a green shirt? If you have to decorate, then why not have your kids draw and cut out four-leaf clovers to hang around the house? (It’s a bonus if you use newspaper from the recycling bin!)

I’m just wondering what type of one-use-only decorations they will be shilling for April Fool’s Day and Earth Day?


2 comments on “Going green on a green holiday

  1. Mick Hanson
    March 28, 2010

    Great post. I’ve been looking for this exact info for a while now. I’ll bookmark it in the public bookmarking sites to get you more traffic.

  2. Meredith
    March 30, 2010

    Thanks Mick! We appreciate it.

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