Eco-friendly trashbags?

For the longest time, we attempted to re-use plastic bags from stores as trash can liners — our version of recycling. Those bags didn’t fit in most of our garbage cans, and usually fell or broke, creating a mess.

So, we finally started buying liners (this was a few years ago) and most recently, we bought a big roll of bags that were made with mostly recycled materials.

The next time we head out to buy liners, we’re going to be looking for EconoGreen Plastics. I received some samples in the mail this week, and so far, I really like them.

Econogreen trash bags are made from 100 percent recycled plastic. They are recyclable.

They are also oxodegradable.  While I had heard of this word before, I had to look up the meaning. From what I understand, the plastic is designed to biodegrade more quickly than regular plastics. The Econogreen bags were designed with an additive that starts to break down when exposed to oxygen. They should break down within two years of use.

This means these bags could clear up lots of space in landfills. According to the WorldWatch Institute, only .6 percent of plastic bags are recycled. The rest are thrown in landfills.

Another big bonus of the bags? They are affordable. A box of 30 tall kitchen bags costs $3.99.  You don’t have to order these online — they are on sale at Home Depot stores.

The sample pack they sent me had several types of bags inside — including huge contractor bags and bags for garages. These were heavy duty and a lot bigger than anything we would normally need.

We’ve used three different types of bags at this point, and each of them worked well for us. None broke, split open or fell into the trash can. They were all very sturdy.


3 comments on “Eco-friendly trashbags?

  1. Angry Beaver
    February 18, 2010

    This type of bag will not degrade in most landfills due to lack of oxygen. I wouldn’t bother buying them and spend your money on more effective green products.

  2. Ashley
    February 23, 2010

    Hi! As a representative of the EconoGreen Plastics brand, I felt it was important to note the following:

    Oxodegradable products will degrade in landfills if they are exposed to enough air and sunlight. However, they will not degrade in landfills that isolate the trash from the environment (groundwater, air, rain). In that case, there is very little exposure to oxygen and moisture, both of which are needed to break down the plastic. In these conditions, even an apple wouldn’t degrade. Having said that, if landfills are properly taken care of and product is turned over on a regular basis, then these plastic bags as well as other items have every chance to completely degrade.

    For more information, please visit our website at

  3. Amelie
    March 3, 2010

    EconoGreen Plastics bags are eco-friendly but not just because they are oxodegradable. Before even talking about their oxodegradability, we can say they have reduced the impact on the environment for the following reasons:

    – They’re made of 100% recycled plastics therefore reducing landfill
    – Their production cycle requires less energy than regular plastic,
    bio-based and paper bags.
    – They’re made in North America therefore reducing the greenhouse effect during transportation (if you compare them to other plastic bags or oxodegradable bags that are completely or partially made in Asia).
    – They can be recycled.

    And yes, they are also oxodegradable, meaning that they will degrade if they end up in the environment. That’s not what we want but we know that there are many plastic bags that, for different reasons, end up in the sea, in the forest, etc. And it then harms animals and sea animals that mistake plastic bags for food. To prevent that from happening, EconoGreen Plastics bags were designed to degrade over time.

    If they end up in a landfill they won’t degrade but nothing would. Most landfills are lined with a layer of clay and a liner of protective plastic to prevent harmful waste from leaking into the ground or ground water. Once a layer of waste has been dumped, it
    is covered with soil effectively cutting off any exposure to air, sunlight and/or water. Under these conditions, trash won’t really decompose because there is little oxygen and moisture.

    I just wanted to mention also that EconoGreen Plastics products are now available at

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