Green Valentine gifts — revisited

Last year, I wrote a couple of posts about green Valentine’s Day gifts — one for kids and one for adults. Both are full of good tips on ways to celebrate the holiday in an eco-friendly way.

But I thought I’d try to find some more fun, green V-day ideas for this year.

Want to tell your sweetie how much you love him/her? Do it with an e-card. No paper, no resources used to deliver it, no ink printed on it. There are LOTS of cards available, from sweet to silly. There should be one that’s perfect for your loved one.

If an e-card isn’t enough, why not do a video tribute? There are also lots of examples of this — try youtube.

A home-cooked meal of your sweetheart’s favorites is also a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. You took the time to prepare a meal and remembered important foods.

This tip was in last year’s list, but bears repeating — if you want to buy flowers, make sure they are organic.

Or, buy a plant. It can be the gift that keeps on giving. Plants can help purify the air and —¬†with moderate maintenance — won’t die in a week.

Some people give pets for Valentine’s Day. If you want to do that, please head to your local animal shelter or humane society instead of a pet store. These pets will make wonderful additions to any family.

Want to buy some jewelry? This was in last year’s post, but estate jewelry or vintage jewelry is a great option.

If you have kids, handmade Valentine’s are a great treat for family members. My son isn’t the biggest fan of coloring, but if he knows he’s making a card for a family member, he gets a little more prolific.

A sure-fire way to my son’s heart? Sweets. His birthday is right before Valentine’s Day, but I plan on making him some heart-shaped cookies to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. And since he’s been into smoothies lately, we’ll make him a red or pink smoothie (with as many hidden healthful ingredients as possible!)

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Any tips you want to share?


One comment on “Green Valentine gifts — revisited

  1. Jen Benning
    February 21, 2010

    I received several free animated ecards the other day from friends for my birthday. It made my day so I decided to work out how to send them so I could do that for my friends. Now I can’t stop – I am having heaps of fun. They are easy, quick and don’t costs a cent.

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