EnergyStar everything

We are big fans of EnergyStar appliances. When we need an upgrade, we look for the EnergyStar logo and watch and wait for sales or clearances on the items we want/need.

For Christmas, we decided to buy a DVD player for my mother. While looking at the selection at Wal-Mart, we found one that was EnergyStar. I wondered how, exactly could a DVD player qualify for the EnergyStar logo.

It turns out that DVD and Blu-Ray players can sap a good bit of energy. According to EnergyStar’s website, approved¬†electronics use about 35 percent less energy.¬†

They also have a list of upgrades that you should try to avoid when shopping for new DVD or Blu-Ray players — like home theatres and surround sound.

Who knew?

We went with the EnergyStar DVD player and once she opened it, I noticed that it didn’t have a digital clock display. In fact, there’s no display at all. The box is small, and you have to look at the TV screen to see if it’s loading, playing, pausing, etc. I’m assuming the small size of the player and the lack of display are pretty good energy savers.

Have you discovered any EnergyStar approved items that surprised you?


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