Green thank you notes

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start thinking about thank yous. Do you write thank yous? I know a lot of people don’t these days, but we try to. A big reason used to be that we lived so far away from families. We couldn’t say thank you in person, so we sent a short note.

But I know that to many, that just adds another element of waste. This year, I had been thinking about sending out thank you emails to most people, but then I received a sample of some really cool greeting cards from ReProduct. These cards  are called No Waste Greeting Cards and solve the problem of wasting all that paper on cards and envelopes.

That’s because once the recipient recieves your thank you, they can then mail it to Shaw Carpets in a really cool postage paid envelope that’s included with the card. One hundred percent of the card will be recycled to make carpets.

How cool is that?


The envelope is a two-way envelope, similar to Netflix envelopes. You fold it one way to mail it out, and the recipient folds it another way to mail it to Shaw — the postage for this trip is already paid.

Shaw will then use all of the card and envelope to make carpet tiles.

The cards come in packs of 18, and cost $29.95. If thank you notes for presents aren’t your thing, these would make great thank you notes after a job interview.

You can also make custom photo cards. These cost $59.95 for a pack of 20. These would make wonderful baby announcements! Celebrating a new life, without damaging the earth.

We tried these out at Christmas, and thought they were so cool. Have you ever tried anything like this? What did you think? Please let me know.


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