Greenovations — Eco-friendly carpeting

Eco-fi Carpet TilesEarlier I wrote about refinishing the original hardwood floors in our 54-year-old home. Not all of the floors were original hardwood.

There’s an addition that’s about 5-years-old that had some very dirty carpet. We pulled up the carpet (and plan to give it away on craigslist if anyone will take it) and decided to replace it with environmentally-friendly carpet tiles.

We wanted to have a playroom for our sons, and decided a very low-pile carpet would be the way to go — that way they won’t have to wear slipper socks in every room!

I was just about to start searching for local, eco-friendly carpet options when I saw a picture of a playroom done with environmentally-friendly carpet tiles. We weren’t sure if our home improvement stores would even carry such items. But as luck would have it, our Lowe’s store did.

They only had the gray color option, but our room is very light and we were going bright on the walls, so we decided that gray wouldn’t look bad. Plus, it shouldn’t show stains.

But the color wasn’t the big selling point for us. These carpet tiles are made out of Eco-fi, a polyester material made from recycled plastic bottles. Not only are they made out of recycled materials, they are also very easy to clean and will be easy to replace.

It was also easy to install, though fairly time-consuming. Our room had several weird angles, which made it more  difficult. And the price was less than most carpets, tiles, hardwood, etc.

I will state here that my husband and I have what my parents call “wild taste.” But even my father was impressed by how cool the carpet looked once we got it laid down.

There are other color options, they just weren’t available at our store. You can order much more normal colors online. We wanted to stick with things that were in our area if at all possible.

Do you have any experience with carpet tiles like this? I would love to hear your thoughts on these tiles.

The next post in the greenovations series will be about environmentally-friendly rugs.


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