Hailing a Cutting Edge Ride

taxiToday we give a shout out to eco-friendly taxi services. Everyday hundreds of thousands of people use taxi services to get around America’s cities. More often than not, those rides are for just one person. Certainly this is not the most environmentally conscious way to travel and it’s not the most economically savvy method either. But fear not, there is a new website that  can make you at least feel better about your taxi use – at least if you are hailing one in New York! is a new website which helps you find people to share a cab which will either get you both to your same destination or help you share a ride which will reduce your overall cab fare. Currently, they are only in New York City, but their site says that they are coming soon to Washington, DC, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. What could be easier than planning a bit ahead, letting the database know where you are headed and finding someone to split the cost with you – all in the name of reducing your carbon footprint and saving a few bucks? This site is simple to navigate and even allows you to decide the sex of your traveling companions. Brilliant, I think!

The only thing that could be better for local for-hire transportation is to hail a hybrid. Eco-friendly cab services are popping up all over the country. Numerous cities nationwide are turning over their taxi fleets to hybrid vehicles making it easier for residents and tourists to hail more energy efficient vehicles every day. Even in markets where there have been mandates, cleaner vehicles are hitting the roads to give you a lift.

Looking to get even one more leg up on the eco scale for your local transportation needs? Take a bus or ride the local trains. Buses across the country are getting greener everyday too. Many cities are cleaning up their fleet by introducing natural gas and hybrid electric buses to the city streets. These vehicles significantly reduce pollution and are more energy efficient. Next time you hop on a bus, check out the side to see if it says what type of fuel it uses – you might be surprised!


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