Recycling juice pouches

Packaging and over-packaged products grate on my nerves. But as the mother of a toddler, I sometimes don’t see a way out of the juice box and juice pouch trap.

My son doesn’t drink out of juice boxes at home, but he does if we eat out and they come with his meal. He also has them at playgroups. And when I’m in charge of the playgroup for that week, I feel forced to buy them.

I can’t afford to buy sippys for every kid to take home, and some moms aren’t that thrilled with their kids drinking out of other kid’s sippy cups, even if the cups are clean.

The whole thing makes me feel like a hypocrite for telling people ways to cut back on waste, but not actually doing it myself.

Luckily, my son is just about at the age where he can pretty easily drink out of a juice pouch. And, I’ve found a way to recycle juice pouches!juice_pouches

TerraCycle is a company that collects juice pouch bags, cookie package wrappers, candy wrappers, and all sorts of other used packaging. They use this waste to make all sorts of cool things – purses, bags, kites, birdfeeders, etc.

They even donate money to a charity of my selection!

And it’s pretty simple to do. Just sign up, and start collecting your packages. I need to collect 100 juice pouches before sending them in. Once I’m at 100, I put them in a prepaid envelope and send them to TerraCycle. From there, our trash is turned into all sorts of treasure!

I still have to figure out what to do with the drink boxes, though…


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