Used Bicycles: A Cheap and Green Alternative

The United States is accountable for way more than its share of carbon dioxide emissions. One of the easiest ways of minimizing your carbon footprint is to decrease the amount of time you spend behind the wheel…of your motor vehicle, that is.

If you’re going to ditch the car, you’re going to need another reliable way of transporting yourself and your things. The most green and most reliable form of transport, other than your legs, is a good bicycle with a sturdy basket.

I, personally, don’t have an abundant amount of cash to spend on a bike. Granted, a new bicycle is a sound investment, but could definitely make a dent in your savings. The most cost-effective place to score a high-quality bike, in my humble opinion, is at your local second-hand store or online on sites like craigslist, where you can connect with local people who want to sell their gently-used bicycles.

I bought my bike, a vintage Schwinn World Tourister, at a second-hand store for $75. It didn’t look like much when I purchased it, but after a few minor repairs and a new set of tires it is the most dependable, smoothest-riding bike I’ve ever owned. And I only spent $180. If you’re patient and keep your eyes and ears open, you would be amazed how many great deals like this there really are.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time to wait for the perfect deal at your local Goodwill Industries, the easiest way to find a used bike quickly is by utilizing The benefit of craigslist and similar services is that they make it simple to find someone who is selling their perfectly-functioning, name-brand bike for a fraction of what they paid and are close enough to allow you to test-ride the bike before purchasing it. It’s always important to do this when buying a second-hand bike, which can often appear to be functional in photos, but prove otherwise upon closer inspection.

Here is a video to help you effectively inspect a used bike for quality:
How To Buy A Used Bike

If the idea of inspecting a used bike is unsettling to you, perhaps you would be better off saving up for a while to invest in a new set of wheels. In my next entry, I will explain how you can find the perfect new bike for your specific needs.


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