Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Giving

Corporate Gifts

Its getting late in the game for gift shopping, but if you own a company or work with clients, you may be wondering how you can say thank you in an eco-friendly way this holiday season. In my old office, we would receive so many baskets of candy and food that is was often overwhelming. So much so that, usually, the baskets would be dismantled and rationed out to staff slowly so as not to overload us all with sugar. We usually even saved some treats for January – when the sugar withdrawal really sets in.

The point is, corporate gift giving doesn’t have to be a basket of candy, fruit or other confections. There are companies who specialize in corporate gifts which are easy on the Earth and still promote your message and store. Looking for personalized pens, bags, cups, pads of recycled paper, and more?

If your company is looking for ways to encourage your clients to do more acts of green, check out the These gifts are excellent starter kits which educate the receiver about their environmental impact. What a great way to get your message out there in a fun, not preachy approach.

While out of the ordinary, there are companies who offer vegan and organic body products which can be put into corporate gift baskets. These sorts of specialty baskets may be just what your specialty business need to say thank you for your business.

If you are still hung up on food items for corporate gifts, look for local specialties from local purveyors and those that sell organic goods (maybe even luxury!). For example, if your business is based in Vermont, consider local cheddar cheeses and maple syrup in a gift basket. Check out local craft fairs and collect locally made items which you can make into your own baskets. Send organic fruits or veggie baskets and seek out organic bakeries.

Still looking for the perfect gift? Consider donating a portion of the profit from your clients to a charity or nonprofit aligned with the goals or aspirations of your business. Not only is it a great tax write-off for your business, this gift reduces waste and unnecessary clutter in your clients offices while still being valued.

On the other hand, in economic times like these, the best, eco-friendly gift you might give to your clients is a coupon for a slight discount on services provided. Discounts like these might be less expensive than gift baskets, can be neatly tucked into a holiday thank you card and are most certain to be appreciated.

Image by Flickr user Maya the Bee used under a Creative Commons License.

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