Getting Thankful by Going Green (part 3)

Bottle of Wine

“Green” Wines Bring an Eco-Flair to Thanksgiving Dinner

There is no shortage of information about eco-friendly wines on the internet, but how may of you are taking this information with you when you visit your local package store?

Vineyards are bringing green innovation to their businesses in all sorts of ways. Some are rebuilding and improving their facilities to meet LEED certification. Using geothermal heating and cooling and recycled materials, Stratus Winery, Niagara, Ontario Canada became the first LEED Certified winery in North America. While the vineyard uses innovative, gravity-driven methods to process grapes and wine, they are not certified organic. 

Certified organic vineyards are using traditional methods of farming which improve the land’s soil while eliminating or limiting the use of synthetic pesticides. The details of organic versus conventional practices are significant. Organic wineries focus upon increasing biodiversity as a means to better the soil and therefore allow the growth of other kinds of vines in vineyards. These wineries also pay attention to the methods of production of the wines just as much as the growth of the grapes.

Still, other wineries are going green by choosing their power sources wisely. Since July 2007, the Staglin Family Winery has used 100% solar power. Other wineries are going 100% wind power. Either way, they are running entirely off the grid.

Looking for ways to implement a green angle to your wine consumption? Drink local! Whether the winery is organic, LEED certified, or operating off the grid, buying local will significantly decrease the number of miles your bottle traveled and therefore reduce its overall carbon footprint.




One comment on “Getting Thankful by Going Green (part 3)

  1. Kathy
    November 25, 2008

    check out Bonny Doon Biodynamic Vineyards in Santa Cruz, California….very green!

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