Students seek a “green college”

A study done by The College of William & Mary shows that freshmen at colleges across the nation are twice as likely to choose a school based on sustainability concerns compared to the freshmen of three years ago. William & Mary students have proposed an annual “green fee” to support sustainable efforts on campus. The “green” initiative was student generated and administration supported. What might this include? Facility improvements, student research grants and a “green endowment” at the college were some of the ideas. An estimated $200,000 would be generated for environmental efforts on campus annually.(The Virginia GazetteApril 26, 2008)

The Western Washington University, following a student led iniative, became the first public university to impliment a student fee for the purchase of “green power.” According to the EPA Green Power Partnership list, Western Washington University purchases 100% of its electrical power from a source which uses wind as its source. The EPA estimates that the total amount of “green power” purchased by Green Power Partners( colleges and universities) is 817 million kwh, or the amount of power used by 84,000 average American homes.

(EPA Top Ten List, April 8, 2008)


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