Winterize now!

I know it’s not fun, but now is the time to winterize. It’s an easy, green practice that can save you some green this winter.

There are several super-extensive lists that are very intimidating. A simple search can find you plenty.

We’re just going to hit the big basics. The easy essentials.

Start by taking care of your outdoor furniture and gear. If it’s all-weather, then look it over to make sure there aren’t any rusty places. If there are, sand them and hit them with some rust-proof spray paint. Cover your table and chairs and put the umbrella away. Put a cover on your grill (you can remove it when you must grill!)

Put covers on all of your outdoor faucets, roll up your hoses and put them away. Go ahead and clean out your gutters as well. While doing this, think of all the calories you are burning! While you’re up there, make sure that your chimney is free of obstructions.

You also need to put weather-stripping around all of your doors and windows. We also put those child safety plug protectors in our unused outlets to keep that extra air in as well.

Run a vacuum over your heater vents to get the dust out.

Those are the biggies that we will be hitting this week, at least I hope we will.

Did I leave out any big winterizers? Let me know!

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One comment on “Winterize now!

  1. Rebecca
    November 3, 2010

    Now is a great time to get your lawn care machines tuned up. There is always a wait in the spring to have motor blades sharpened. Change oil, drain the gas, clean or change spark plugs etc and get the blade sharpened now, beat the wait in the spring.

    Also, get your screens in shape now, rather than spring.

    Many places that do these services up the prices in spring when demand is high, so it can be cheaper and faster now.

    Its early to think about snowblowers, but get it tuned now if you didn’t in spring. You don’t want to wait till you have 2 ft of snow to move and find out it won’t start. Happened last year to my parents.

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