There are many reasons people choose to be “green.” Some may want to be cool and be associated with the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, and Al Gore. Did you know there is actually the ecorazzi for all your green gossip?

Some of us want to truly save the planet we call home. There is a little part in all of us that wants to do the “right thing.” Well, what better way to show a large group of people what you’re out to accomplish than hosting an environmentally friendly event – wedding, baby shower, or dinner party!

Things to consider:

Place: If at all possible, consider using a venue that is most centrally located to the guests! Less transportation pollution! Or if there are a lot of people flying, support them in offsetting their carbon emissions!

Food: Choose local and organic. This reduces the effect of pesticides, and have you ever wondered how that Chilean sea bass gets to your dinner table? It didn’t swim to the nearest estuary!

Flowers: Can you believe it? You can also get these organic and local! Take them out of your special garden! Different countries regulate pesticides differently, so those South American orchids may not be so earth friendly…

Paper: Choose recycled, or better yet (if appropriate) use an electronic invitation! It’s cheaper too! You don’t have to buy a stamp!

Dishes, Napkins, Flatware- use the good stuff…don’t go for paper. Here’s the thing, you want to reduce the use of anything disposable as much as possible. Yes, yes it may create extra work if it’s a small gathering in your home, but take up that friend’s offer to help with the dishes! The environment will help you for that!

Gifts: If a couple already has everything they need, why give them more stuff? If the new mother already has 100 onesies, do something different! Make a contribution to a great charitable organization (check out their rating online), plant a tree in their honor, or offset the carbon emissions for their honeymoon flight (see other carbon offsetting gift options).

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